[Snort-users] BASE config problem

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Fri Jan 26 11:57:01 EST 2007

Hi all,

Apologies if this is not the correct forum, but I hope it is.

I am in the middle of setting up snort and have got most of it 
working, but I am stuck with part of the base 1.2.7 setup.  I have done 
all it said in the various references I found on the web (at least I think 
I have), but when I get to the setup stage and enter the database settings 
the browser tries to load setup2.php?action=check but nothing is ever 

If I change the url to point to setup3.php the process continues, but it 
looks like the base_conf.php is never written and the process fails.

I manually edited a new base_conf.php and could at east login to the base 
front end using the credentials in the config file, but once more I am 
greeted with a blank screen.

Can anyone give me some hints on what might be going wrong on this front 
please ?  Even an indication of which set of logs to be looking into - 
something for php, the apache logs, or something else entirely ?


David Ryan
IT Security Engineer, Global IT Security
Quintiles SIS, QDUB

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