[Snort-users] Dynamic Preprocessor using inline functions

Mathew S mathew at ...14047...
Tue Jan 23 11:27:02 EST 2007

Was curious if anyone has successfully created dynamic preprocessors  
using Snort with its new Inline mode. We are trying to create  
a preprocessor that makes use of the InlineDrop, InlineReject  
functions, but we can seem to figure out how to link the dynamic  
preprocessor to the inline function code. If anyone has any ideas  
about this, please let me know. Everytime I compile the preprocessor  
and load it, we get an undefined symbol: InlineReject due to the fact  
that our code is not being linked to the inline function code of  
Snort. I'm assuming we would need a very special Makefile to do the  

Any help would be appreciated,
Mathew S

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