[Snort-users] - FATAL ERROR: SpoUnified: write failed: Bad address

Petersen, Mark MPetersen at ...14075...
Wed Feb 21 16:54:39 EST 2007


I'm having trouble with snort failing with this fatal error on a
amd64 box (Sun V20z) running Ubuntu 6.10.

I compiled this in a pretty standard way:
./configure --prefix=/usr/local/snort- --enable-dynamicplugin &&
make && make install

And it will run for awhile, but eventually fails.  Then barnyard fails
after tring to read the file with a bad write.  I did apply the 64-bit
patch to barnyard (it wouldn't run at all without it.)

Any suggestions besides rolling back to 2.4.x or compiling for a 32-bit
architecture?  I'd be happy to provide further information, but at this
point I don't really know what else would be relevant.


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