[Snort-users] Problem with ACID

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Mon Feb 5 13:42:31 EST 2007

He is installing this from a book. If you want him to change his game plan
he will need specifics. The book he is using is specifically telling him how
to install a complete IDS using ACID not BASE. ACID and BASE have somewhat
different install methods.

The problem he is having is PHP related.

It looks like the web server doesn't know how to handle .php extensions. Go
back and double check your PHP install.

PS: Make SURE you are using the exact files the book tells you use. Do not
try updating the support files until you have a successful install.

It might be worth your time to start this over by using Patrick Harpers
install guide, which can be found in the Docs section on the snort.org site.
What you are doing is a good start, as it will at least get you
knowledgeable in the install procedure, but for keeping up-to-date on all
the latest support programs you will definitely need a more modern install
of Snort. Look into the docs section for several different .nix methods.

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Irfan Ahmed a écrit :
> Hi,
> I am setting up the snort in a Computer. I have installed all the
> softwares and packages by following the steps in Jack Koziol's book
> "Intrusion Detection with snort".
> After installing the ACID, when I try to get main page i.e.
> acid_main.php of ACID, I got the php code of the page rather than the
> actual page. I have searched the page but I did not get any error or
> warning.


First you should use BASE instead of ACID as Snort's DB GUI for ACID is
quite deprecated not to say obsolete now.

Take a look here : http://base.secureideas.net/

Then you'll have to configure Apache to treat PHP scripts as exectubales
and not as text files.



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