[Snort-users] [HELP] snort stop processing on "Initializing rule chains" issue

Rachmat Hidayat Al-Anshar rachmat_hidayat_02 at ...131...
Thu Dec 27 02:30:34 EST 2007

Its a crap, when I try to reboot the machine it's stuck and produce an error
like this :

ERROR: ERROR /etc/snort/rules/dos.rules ... cannot resolve variable HOME_NET ...

Indeed, I have configure snort correctly with HOME_NET

Gnaah...make me pissed off X-( 

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Subject: [Snort-users] [HELP] snort stop processing on "Initializing rule chains" issue

Um, its an AMD Sempron with clock 1,6 GHz and 256 MB memory. 
I've been waiting for almost 1 Hour..I get phissed, so I terminated 
the process with ctrl+z on my keyboard.

What was happened?

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