[Snort-users] Newly Released: Aanval Basic

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This is actually right in line with their continued abuse of this email
list. Have they ever contributed anything to this list besides






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So what you are telling me is this...

9 years ago, Marty Roesch set out to create a new network application not
for its possible benefits, but to be able to setup a mailing list that you
could advertise on????

' or 1=1-- 


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Good morning; 

You asked and we delivered!

Many small office and home Snort users have asked for a light-weight, cost
effective version of Aanval that would allow a few Snort sensors to operate
on a lighter budget with a similar feature set to the full Aanval Console.
The Answer: Aanval Basic Aanval Basic The light-weight, Snort only version
of the Aanval Console. Developed specifically for small office or home Snort
deployments of 3 Snort sensors or less at one cost. Current Price: $49.00
(Introductory Only) Download Aanval Basic :
<http://www.aanval.com/downloads/> Purchase Securely Online :
<https://www.aanval.com/?op=pub_purchaseOnline> This budget friendly new
line provides functionality for up to 3 Snort sensors and includes the core
Aanval feature set. However, syslog support, correlation, scanning and other
features are unavailable in this light-weight version. The free limited
version of Aanval Basic, provides functionality for 1 Snort sensor for users
to give it a try. Compare Features of Aanval & Aanval Basic :
<http://www.aanval.com/?op=pub_productsAndServices&tab=1&sub=3> Aanval
Product Details : <http://www.aanval.com/?op=pub_productsAndServices> ---
United States & Canada 800 921 2584 Contact Sales sales.group at ...13777... 




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