[Snort-users] need some attacks to test snort

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Fri Apr 20 01:42:44 EDT 2007

Thank you Joel
Sure, I will try BASE. About the ICMP, ya thats true but i want to study more about how this rules get fired and how attacks are made, so i was looking for more attacks for my understanding and learning about the network security. so if you have more info regarding where i can download those codes i will more than helpful.
best regards


#1 -- Don't use ACID, use BASE.  http://base.secureideas.net
#2 -- You can use something like nessus to make Snort alert to make  
sure it's generating alerts, however, if you already receiving ICMP  
alerts, then you know it working properly.


Joel Esler                                         Security Consultant
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On Apr 19, 2007, at 9:43 PM, Fossil wrote:

> Hello every one
> i have installed snort and Acid
> now i need some attacks - code by which i can check snort. i mean  
> some example code, script by running that on other machine, the  
> snort generates alert.
> is there a site where i can download some attacks for testing  
> purpose. i have the ICMP or ping based attacks but i want other  
> ones. is there a source where i can download that code
> any help will be appreciated
> Thanks and regards
> fossil

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