[Snort-users] Compiling with mysql & mssql support

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Thanks for the reply.  From my (limited) knowledge of Barnyard it only 
seems to have output plugins for mysql and postgresql.  I have tried 
looking at various websites to see if there is an mssql plugin but I 
haven't found positive confirmation yet.  Are there other unifed output 
processors I could also consider ?

I understand that the optimal setup would be to have Snort monitoring 
traffic and passing events to Barnyard which logs the transactions to a 
database.  My main aim is to have stand-alone probes running Snort (and 
Barnyard probably) with one single central database containing all the 
events from all the probes.  My DB people have an available, managed, 
backed-up, redundant MSSQL database environment, so I am aiming to use 
their environment - this will have the benefit of removing any operational 
database concerns from me and leave me to concentrate on the IDS end.

Does this model make sense to others ?  It makes sense to me because it 
leaves the probes to do the monitoring and has a dedicated DB server 
handle the processing for all the events.

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Re: [Snort-users] Compiling with mysql & mssql support

David Ryan wrote:

> Hi All,
> I currently have snort compiled with mysql support and it is logging
> correctly, but I am looking at changing the logging to point at a 
> MS SQL server.  Until I know it works I don't want to totally ditch the
> mysql logging.

Hi David,

This isn't going to answer your question, but I think others would
agree it should be said.  Snort logging directly to any database in
production is a bad idea.  You should log to unified output and then
use one of the many unified output readers to perform the database



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