[Snort-users] Anomaly detection and Snort

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Thu Apr 12 15:15:32 EDT 2007


My company, CounterStorm, has developed packet content level anomaly
detection for the security space.  The technology builds statistical
models of the contents of network traffic, and looks for anomalies
within this.  It's distinctly different from most AD technology in that
it's actually working on layer 7, not just looking at traffic volumes.
We're considering making this available as a Snort module.

There are two components that we're considering.  The first is what
we're calling the confidence module.  This module generates a
statistical baseline of the network traffic content.  It then compares
the packets that trigger Snort events to the baseline, and assigns a
confidence score to the events.  This allows one to triage events,
looking at the most anomalous events first.  You can almost think of it
as signature validation--normal traffic triggering a false positive
would get a low priority score, while an actual attack, perhaps with a
noop sled, would get a high confidence score.

The second component is more straightforward, doing pure detection of
anomalous events on the network.  This is geared towards detecting
crimeware and targeted attacks.  Examples of what it can detect include
botnet traffic running over port 80, and SQL injection attacks.

My biggest question, of course, is if these modules sound useful to you?
Almost as big are questions around implementation.  We've considered
using the priority field as the spot we put the confidence scores; does
that make sense?  Is there anywhere you'd rather see it?

Also, how would you like to see these modules enabled?  Per port?  Per

I've been pretty broad, so I'm also very interested in your questions as


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