[Snort-users] running snort on multiple interfaces (OpenBSD)

Soner Tari list at ...14096...
Mon Apr 9 07:58:46 EDT 2007


I need to run snort on multiple interfaces. Currently, I'm running
multiple snort instances to achieve this, but this stretches the shared

I've read FAQ 3.6, where it reads I should use a bridge interface on
*BSD systems. I've tried that advice by creating bridge0, adding
physical interfaces to it, upping it (per the brconfig(8) examples), and
finally starting snort with "-i bridge0" argument. Snort starts (though,
complaining that bridge0 is not assigned any IPs), but I cannot see any

Otherwise, I use nmap to trigger alerts, and I can generate alerts very
easily by providing snort with, say, "-i vr0".

In order to clarify what I did, I need to assign IPs to all of the
physical interfaces, thus I cannot follow the examples in brconfig(8)

Do I need to do anything else, or am I missing something? How do I
achieve "any" interface on OpenBSD?

I would appreciate any help,

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