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Fri Sep 22 15:38:04 EDT 2006

Hello dear all
  actually I am very new in both of ns2 and snort
  1.How to simulate and apply snort IDS open source code In ns2 for wireless  ad hoc network??I dont know is there any way? and how??
    Actually ,I dont know  how to use Snort intrusoin detection source code in NS2?
  I want to apply it for my wireless network,but i dont know how?

  2.Is there any specific IDS for wireless ad hoc  nework?? i read in articles but I just start to work,,I dnot know they mention that they used Snort Rule-based (Anomaly deteciton)
  basedon my basic information Snort is network based and it use signature based detection technique.
  3.So I like to know is there a way to change it to Anomaly based and Host-based IDS?? or there are already some open source IDS for my requested IDS???
  Thank you in advance
  Waitng for  reply
  all the best

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