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> Oh well, since you know Marty so well, you're like
> close friends now, maybe you can explain why people
> now have to pay for the latest sigs?

Well, I can't explain that, because I *don't* pay for sigs.  And they seem 
to work just fine.

You can pay for sigs if you want them *instantly*.  Or you can wait five 
days and get them for free.  Or you can write your own.

> What philosophy
> does this follow again? I'm not faulting people for
> trying to make a buck, I'm just saying it's a bit
> foolish to rely soley on a free product to protect
> your network and expect it to remain free and last
> forever.
I think you're living in the dark ages.  The future is open source+, which 
means open source products backed by professional support and complementary 
products - like Sourcefire's RNA, for example.

> Open source is a Godsend, but let's be realistic:
> another reason to make a great open-source product is
> to build confidence, reputation, and then start making
> the big $$$$$! This is a natural progression of
> things, and sooner or later programmers have to make
> money.
Read the blog post that Jason linked to.

Paul Schmehl (pauls at ...6838...)
Adjunct Information Security Officer
The University of Texas at Dallas
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