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> I tell ya personally I wouldn't be relying on
> too heavily when it involves FREE software/services.
> would always expect the worse to happen and be
> prepared for it. Snort can drop the product at the
> drop of a hat and wouldn't be any worse off for it.
> bet they've been planning for years as to how
> going to do just that. So far, it looks like a very
> slow and gradual move from free software to paid.
> I leave the real protections of our networks to
> devices and services we pay for.
I thought of all sorts of nasty retorts, but I'll
refrain from 
you and simply say, you couldn't possibly be more
wrong.  And I say 
this as 
someone who knows Marty Roesch as well as his
philosophy personally and 
uses both the free snort product *and* the commercial
RNA product.

Paul Schmehl (pauls at ...6838...)
Adjunct Information Security Officer
The University of Texas at Dallas
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Oh well, since you know Marty so well, you're like
close friends now, maybe you can explain why people
now have to pay for the latest sigs? What philosophy
does this follow again? I'm not faulting people for
trying to make a buck, I'm just saying it's a bit
foolish to rely soley on a free product to protect
your network and expect it to remain free and last

Open source is a Godsend, but let's be realistic:
another reason to make a great open-source product is
to build confidence, reputation, and then start making
the big $$$$$! This is a natural progression of
things, and sooner or later programmers have to make


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