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I do want to add to my comment. I do understand Sourcefire's reasoning
for doing this. With the number of times Snort has been downloaded and
half that number of people were checking our web site multiple times a
day (I hear its as excessive as every 10 mins), I too would have put a
mechanism in place to prevent it.

Also, I took a closer look at the Sourcefire message for download
limiting. It seems to be every 15 minutes. I think if anyone downloads
new rules more often than every 15 minutes, something needs to be changed :)

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Best Regards,

Eric S. Hines, GCIA, CISSP
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Eric S. Hines, GCIA, CISSP
CEO, President, Chairman
Applied Watch Technologies, LLC

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Eric Hines wrote:
> Jason,
> Its not limiting specific to Oinkmaster. Applied Watch began seeing this 
> a few weeks ago through regular rule downloads with our Command Center 
> using specific Oink Code. Sourcefire seems to be limiting user-specific 
> Oink Code to download rules only once a day.
> Eric Hines, GCIA, CISSP
> CEO, President
> Applied Watch Technologies, LLC
> 1095 Pingree Road
> Suite 221
> Crystal Lake, IL 60014
> Tel: (877) 262-7593
> Web: http://www.appliedwatch.com
> Jason Haar wrote:
>> I notice the "www.snort.org/pub-bin/oinkmaster.cgi" script has some form
>> of download limiting component (to stop people like me repeatably
>> downloading the same live data while editing/updating local scripts - ahem).
>> Anyway, such scaling issues happen. I'd like to suggest that Sourcefire
>> look to ClamAV to see how they handled people hammering their servers
>> looking for updates that didn't exist (i.e. they were already up to
>> date). Their rules basically have a serial number and they put that into
>> a DNS record, and then their freshclam update daemon looks to that DNS
>> record before deciding to actually do a HTTP connection to download an
>> update. Than plus some time-of-day randomization and load sharing should
>> go a loooong way on the scalability side...
>> Just an idea.
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