[Snort-users] what is the difference in memory models (search-method lowmem) mean?

Jason Haar Jason.Haar at ...294...
Mon Sep 18 00:07:03 EDT 2006

Jason Brvenik wrote:
> Below is a cut and paste from a mail Marc Norton sent to the snort-devel
> list. [0] It should make it more clear.

So my 800+MB per snort process is normal? I guess that's my main
question :-)

As far as the memory methods go, what does "slower" mean? Do you mean
you're more likely to loose packets/information, or do you mean it takes
more CPU to process? e.g. is it a tradeoff between CPU and RAM load?
Currently "lowmem" has logged some events and appears to be running well
- I'm just concerned that I've "dumbed down" snort by moving to "lowmem".


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