[Snort-users] Base Configuration!

Zakai Kinan titanyen2000 at ...131...
Fri Sep 15 13:01:09 EDT 2006

I have been using snort for the past 6 months with
snortalog.  Snortalog is lacking in functionalities
and now I would like to use base, but I have a  couple
of questions.  Snort is currently installed on my
debian box which is used as a firewall for the

1. I read that I only need the client portion of my
mysql to be installed in order for snort to be able to
log to a remote mysql server.  Is this assumption

2. Can base be installed and work properly on a
different server?  Let me clarify:  the snort firewall
will send its logs to a database server and base will
be installed on a different server.

3. Does mysql have to be running for snort to send its
logs to a different server?



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