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Thanks for emailing the list.

3 nics is the the way you want to go, one nic in, one nic out.  There
are some configuration guides to Snort inline out there (try the Snort
manual, it's a good starting point), all you have to do is basically
have iptables forward everything to "QUEUE" then Snort reads from that

Fedora Core 5 will work just fine, just make sure you are running the
bare minimum of services on it, as you want your Snort box to be as fast
as possible for inline mode.


Mark Rohrbeck wrote:
> Hi all, 
> I have 2 IDS systems in place and tuned to their specific networks, the next
> step I want to take is running them with Snort_inline. I am just a little
> unsure on how to do this. I would prefer to use Fedora Core 5 as the OS but
> open to suggestions. I mainly want to find out if I can run Snort_inline on
> one box? 
> The networks are pretty small with 10 - 50 XP PC's and server 2003 / 2000,
> we run Sonicwall firewalls and I have the Sensors behind the firewall. The
> picture I have in my mind is having 3 nics in the machine, 1 for Admin and
> the other 2 for Snort inline. Am I heading in the right direction here?
> Any advice / help GREATLY appreciated.
> Marklar
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