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Tue Sep 5 21:47:48 EDT 2006

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> Hi,
> i'm lookin forward to use snort with a big security project. 
> There is a 
> requirement of "4 gb/s throughput for the IDS system" which should be 
> based on 2  (snort) sensors. now those questions arise: is snort the 
> right ids here and with what hardware should be used to reach 4gb/s 
> throughput of the system ?
A standard 'pizza box' appliance may only have a 3.6 gb/s backplane.
Would they be talking about two 1gb links (2gb bydirectional)?
Either case I would suggest a commercial product.

A pizza box might have a VERY hard time keeping up with 4gbs especially
if the backplane is only 3.6 gb/s

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