[Snort-users] Need help in interpreting some Docs

John Draper lists at ...13962...
Thu Oct 26 18:54:30 EDT 2006

Eric Hines wrote:

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>Long time no see.. Snort-Inline does not support OpenBSD. You'll need to
>make some patches. Jason Ish our CTO has been working on patches to make
>Snort-Inline work on OpenBSD and PF.
Yea - I think I might go with SnortSam.  I'm looking into this now.
I remember a long time ago,  like 2 - 3 years ago, there was some
discussion to get Snot Inline to work on OPenBSD platform and
integrated into the kernal,  but I got jerked off that job,  and got 
doing something else.

>But nothing released as of yet. You'll need to do this on a Linux box.
Yea - I noticed...   good to see you also,  my private Email
is jdcrunchman at gmail dot com.   Use that to talk to me

I use this Email for mailing lists only.


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