[Snort-users] Need help in interpreting some Docs

John Draper lists at ...13962...
Wed Oct 25 14:47:52 EDT 2006


I'm posting this to both OpenBSD and Snort mailing lists.
In reading through the snort documentation, in section 1.5
(Inline mode), they state the following...

"In order for Snort Inline to work properly, Download and compile
the iptables code to include "make install-devel". 
Would I do the "make install-devel" from within the Snort's Source
build system,  or the iptables build system?. 
This will install the libipq library that allows snort Inline to
interface with iptables.  Also, you must build and install LibNet,  
which is available from www.packetfactory.net.

Ok, all fine and well,  but I'm using snort on an OpenBSD platform,
which uses PF instead of iptables...   I'm assuming that iptables is
only for Linux,  or does OpenBSD also use iptables?   I didn't see
any mention of it in either OpenBSD docs or Snort docs other then
this, and as far as I can remember,  iptables is used primarily with
Linux, is that right?

Would I follow the same installation procedures? or would I ditch this
effort alltogether and write it off as something OpenBSD is not setup
to do,  or is there an alternative I can use with Snort?

I haven't looked at Snort since 2003, and from reading the new docs,
a lot of new features have been added,  some of which I haven't
come across yet.

I'm basically setting up snort that if it sees a Priority one attack
it executes a script or Binary file,  well,  actually it will instantiate
a thread that does this in whatever scripting language I choose (Python)
in my case.

I Haven't read ALL the new stuff yet, but am ready to install any
additional utilities, like Barnyard.  Which I already have running.

Is it possible to use Snort in normal NIDS mode, then when I get a
higher priority attach,  to switch to Inline mode?  How fast
can Snort switch from one mode to another?   Also, is it possible
to use Snort to "look at" a binary file and display contents via
the ./snort -dvr option while snort is running?


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