[Snort-users] Upgrade to 2.6.x

Paul Melson pmelson at ...11827...
Tue Oct 24 16:50:50 EDT 2006

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Subject: [Snort-users] Upgrade to 2.6.x

> We have multiple sensors throughout our network, all using barnyard to
dump alerts into a single snort 
> database. Currently all of our sensors are running snort 2.4.x.  If I want
to upgrade one of these 
> sensors to 2.6.x will there be any issues using the same database as the
other 2.4.x's?

Aside from tuning the new preprocessors so that they don't overload the
database with new alerts, there should be no issue.  I just recently
upgraded a pair of Snort/barnyard/MySQL sensors to 2.6 and didn't touch
barnyard or MySQL at all.  Worked fine.


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