[Snort-users] IDS Policy Manager v2.0 Beta Released

Jeff Dell jdell at ...1095...
Mon Oct 9 11:52:17 EDT 2006

We are very happy to announce the release of IDS Policy Manager v2 Beta. IDS
Policy Manger v2 has been fully redesigned to extend the capabilities of our
snort rule management solution to provide the most powerful enterprise rule
manager for Snort... and it is free!

Major changes since IDS Policy Manager v1.8:

o. Completely re-designed to simplify and extend the rules management
o. There are now 2 versions of IDSPM; a stand alone version and a 3rd party
add-on for Activeworx Security Center. Both versions of IDSPM are free. 
o. IDSPM v2 stores all information in a database for more flexibility in
working with multiple policies. IDSPM stand alone utilizes an embedded
database and IDSPM add-on for Activeworx Security Center supports MySQL. 
o. Now support all versions of Snort including Snort 2.6.
o. Support unlimited update locations for snort rules including Snort
community rules. 
o. New update form gives you more information about the rules that will be
added/updated before the policy is modified.
o. For better control of copying policies and managing snort sensors. IDSPM
no longer supports putty scp as it now uses integrated SSH/SCP libraries.
This also increases the performance of uploading the policy.
o. Support for multiple of the same output modules. 
o. Quickly enable/disable multiple rules on multiple policies. 
o. Each sensor has the option to change variables values that are unique to
that sensor. This gives you the ability to have a single policy and change
variables that are unique to that sensor. 
o. Integration with Activeworx Security Center giving you a single console
to view events and manage Snort sensors in a multi-user environment.
o. much more... 

For more information and to download IDS Policy Manager, please visit:




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