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OK, so it sounds like what you want to do is filter out certain traffic
that you don't care about sending to Snort. So what you want to do is
use BPF filters, which Snort supports.


$ snort 'not src or dst port 25'


$ snort 'not src or dst port 25 and not src or dst'

or whatever you want to do.. This will prevent Snort from pattern
matching against this traffic. You'll want to pick up a whitepaper or
something on BPF filter usage..

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Greta.Ji at ...4682... wrote:
> Snort scans FW port on the Internet DMZ. It works fine. But I see
> there are many traffic. I would like to filter some of them out.
> Ex: Any smtp (25) to mail servers, I don't want to see, but I want to
>     see DoS, overflow attempt,.. and port 25 sends to another system.
> Looks like I did not find right doc to read. I know how to add more
> rules, but how can I filter them out.
> Thank you for the help,
> --Greta
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