[Snort-users] snort not sending to mysql

Bryan Swann swann at ...4020...
Wed Nov 29 16:51:00 EST 2006

I've been using snort 2.4 and decided to upgrade to  Though I 
included the "--with-mysql" directive when running configure, snort 
fails to send anything to my database.  The output directive in the 
snort.conf reads like "output database: log, mysql, user=dbsnort 
dbname=snortdb host=".

When snort is started, it doesn't complain about any problems, starts 
just fine, and adds alerts to the alert file.  However, a tcpdump shows 
that not a single packet is being sent to the database server.  There 
are no other output directives in my configuration file and the previous 
snort sensor had almost the same exact configuration.  Anyone have a 
suggestion on what the problem could be?

I briefly had barnyard configured and was using the unified output.  
Barnyard had no issues sending data to the database.  I was having 
issues with Base working correctly, but that is another issue.  I 
mention this to show that the database server is accepting data from the 
server with no problems.

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