[Snort-users] Is there any documentation showing how to write a snort plugin?

Jason Brvenik jason.brvenik at ...1935...
Fri Nov 17 23:08:15 EST 2006

John Draper wrote:
> (sigh) I just can't find
> anyone who has used these on OpenBSD OS's.   Does anyone in this list 
> have any insight on these
> issues...   According to my findings,  neither seem to support OpenBSD,  
> at least not from the Docs
> I've been able to find.   Google sometimes doesn't find everything.... 
> even through it is by best friend.. :-)

You should be able to use ipfw and divert sockets

Google "openBSD ipfw divert socket" for some links to getting it
running. Once you have ipfw with divert sockets enabled grab snort from
snort.org and build using --enable-ipfw


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