[Snort-users] Alert payloads not matching alert rules

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Mon Nov 27 16:10:17 EST 2006

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Subject: Re: [Snort-users] Alert payloads not matching alert rules

> For Joel's question : is there any reliable way to get know much traffic
is dropped ? Does this 
> information appear in the output of the "performance" preprocessor ?

You can send a USR1 signal to each of the Snort processes and Snort will
dump stats to syslog, including a dropped packet percentage.*   

The way I collect this data is I have a very simple script that runs hourly.
Each snort.conf file for each instance of snort specifies the pidfile by
interface (snort_eth1.pid, snort_eth2.pid, etc.).  This comes in handy for
creating a history of packet loss by interface.  It's not pretty, but it's

for iface in eth1 eth2 eth3
  pid=`cat /var/run/snort_$iface.pid`
  kill -USR1 $pid
  grep Dropped /var/log/messages |grep $pid >>

The file looks something like:

Nov 27 00:00:01 petunia snort[14664]:     Dropped: 0(0.000%)
Nov 27 00:01:02 petunia snort[14664]:     Dropped: 3599(11.267%)

BTW, if you discover a solution to your problem, please post back to the
list with details.  It sounds like there are a number of people with very
similar configurations that are interested to hear what you find out.


* This has been unreliable for me in the past using RedHat libpcap on REHL4.
Snort will massively underestimate the number of packets it actually
analyzed, skewing statistics wildly.  This is very obvious when it's the
case - statistics will often be mathematically impossible with percentages
in the tens of thousands.  YMMV.  

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