[Snort-users] Alert payloads not matching alert rules

Joel Esler joel.esler at ...1935...
Mon Nov 27 09:13:12 EST 2006

No, I do not mean multiple instances of Snort overwriting each others memory.  "its OWN memory".  I am talking about a single Snort process.  Then when you try and run 3 on the same box, you wind up trying to cram too much traffic in too small of a hole.

Plus there is no way to know how the Snort process is tuned.  Follow Marc's advice and use "zero_flushed_packets" within stream4.


On Thu, Nov 23, 2006 at 09:21:51AM +1300, it looks like Jason Haar sent me:
> Joel Esler wrote:
> > Are you dropping any packets?  It seems that with 3 processes of Snort, on the same box, with only 2 Gigs of RAM trying to analyze that much traffic, you are probably dropping packets in addition to Snort overwriting its own memory.
> >
> >   
> Hi Joel
> Can you explain what you mean by snort overwriting it's own memory? How
> is that possible? I thought standard OS process separation would stop
> that? (I am assuming you meant having >1 snort process leads to one
> snort process "corrupting" another)
> I also routinely run multiple snort instances - this comes as a bit of a
> shock...
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> Cheers
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