[Snort-users] newbie install question

Jerry Hlinsky hlinskyj at ...14001...
Wed Nov 22 16:51:23 EST 2006

I'm learning the ropes here and have Snort_2.6.1 (using mysql) installed
on Fedora Core 6 using Base 1.2.7 with NTOP-3.2-3.  I can start and stop
the service successfully, but Base doesn't show any sensors 0/0 nor does
it log to mysql. It only logs events to mysql and shows the sensor 1/1
when i run from snort from the /usr/snort directory.  So that leads me
to believe that snort.conf is correctly configured.  Ntop looks like it
works great, shows lots of interesting stats.  Where should I look to
see why the daemon isn't logging correctly?

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