[Snort-users] Snort 2.6.1 Stops Logging

Eric J. Feldhusen efeldhusen.lists at ...11827...
Tue Nov 21 20:57:53 EST 2006

Jason Haar wrote:
> Colin Grady wrote:
>> I've migrated one system from Snort <> to Snort
>> 2.6.1. I've made no configuration file changes and no command-line
>> changes between the two releases, but after somewhere around 20-30
>> minutes after being started Snort 2.6.1 seems to stop logging data.
>> I'm using unified logging, which is being processed through Barnyard.
>> The Snort process continues to run and the processor time continues to
>> climb, but the unified logs stop growing -- so it's not related to
>> Barnyard as best as I can tell.
>> Anyone else seen anything like this?
> I think this is a "me too".  I've just noticed that 2.6.1RC1 appears to
> work initially, but stops logging at some later time. I am just
> upgrading to 2.6.1 to see if that fixes it - but your report implies it
> won't. We're using both syslog and mysql output modules - and both stop
> reporting - so that (plus your barnyard report) implies the problem is
> occurring somewhere earlier on.
> This is snort-2.6.1RC1 under CentOS4.4

I've got a RHEL4u4 server with dual xeons with hyperthreading on, with 
snort-2.6.1 with mysql logging only and using Base 1.2.7 , and I've seen 
similar problems, the snortd process will run for about 20-120 minutes 
at a using 5-8% of the cpu, and then I'll check back later in the day 
and snortd process load is at 100%.  I've been shutting of more and more 
included rule sets to see if it's a particular rule causing the problem. 
  I'll have to try and see if I shut off all rules if it happens.

Eric Feldhusen

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