[Snort-users] Aanval Series 2 v2.3 Just Released

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Fri Nov 3 09:51:10 EST 2006

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Ok everyone, good conversation, let's move on.

For the record, my position on using this list to advertise product  
has always been "don't".  If you look back through the last 5+ years  
archives I don't think that I've used this mailing list to advertise  
Sourcefire's products and services at all and have really only talked  
about the company's technology when it's come up in discussion  
threads on the list.  If I (and Sourcefire) have been able to resist,  
everyone else can too.

So, to recap, let's talk about Snort or other free (OSS) software.   
If you've got something to sell, put it in your sig or buy  
advertising on Sourceforge.  If something you're selling comes up  
*unprompted* in conversation or if people ask about something your  
product specifically does and it adds to the conversation, then feel  
free to chime in.

Sound reasonable?


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