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Fri Nov 3 08:29:16 EST 2006


As a long time user of snort and of some of your products, I concur with
Randal's points 100%

To clarify my own feelings on what should or shouldn't be allowed, I offer:

1.  If you wish to advertise "Open Source" products, fine.
2.  If you wish to advertise "Free" products that are not open source, use
your tag line.  One line should be sufficient.
3.  If you wish to advertise your commercial offerings, buy your advertising
like everyone else.  Most mailing lists are 'sponsored', and I for one would
have no problem with this for snort users.
4.  Yes, more than 4 lines in a tag line is 'rude' by net standards, which
most of your are guilty of (I have *gasp* 5, so I too am a little rude by
definition).  But many companies use this as a business card, and certainly
believe 'more' is better.  I don't.   This is email, I don't need someones
phone number and if I do, I'll email a request for one.

As I am getting quite bored with this conversation, I think the moderators
should turn the focus onto whether or not to allow sponsors to the list.
This should work for most folks I would think.

P.S.  Trimming email messages isn't bad idea either, if the attrition gets
lost use the archives...

> Eric Hines wrote:
> > OK I'm so sick of these Remote Assessment commercials to
> this list and
> > can't bite my tongue anymore regarding their blatant use of
> this list
> > for posting coupons and holiday specials.
> I totally agree. If your software isn't open source, STFU and
> don't waste bandwidth. Pay for your ads somewhere else
> instead of taking the hard work of others, adding a pretty
> clicky button, and saying you have the best product in town
> and slapping a price on it.
> >
> > Sincerely,
> >
> > Eric Hines, GCIA, CISSP
> > CEO, President
> > Applied Watch Technologies, LLC
> > 1095 Pingree Road
> > Suite 221
> > Crystal Lake, IL 60014
> > Toll Free: (877) 262-7593
> > Fax: (847) 854-5106
> > Cell: (847) 456-6785
> > Web: www.appliedwatch.com
> >
> Email signatures more that 4 lines are just rude. Equal to
> advertising in my book, only done way more often.
> Randy


James Friesen, CIO
Lucretia Enterprises
Our World Is Here
info at lucretia dot ca

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