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My statement was companies that have a free version and a commercial
version of their solution.

With you: IDS Policy Manager and your commercial product Activeworx
Security Center.

My point is, I can see abuse of this list by companies who make a
stripped down version of their product for free and then use this list
to "announce" that free version of their commercial solutions (Remote
Assessment/Aanval). They click on the site to check out this stripped
down version only to come upon the commercial product. I just think
companies who have free stripped down versions of their product they
sell shouldn't be allowed to market it on this list.

Its ingenious I think -- limit some capabilities of your product and
call it a free version in order to be able to market your company on
this mailing list.

Alright, yeah, we did it once :) I suppose I'm just tired of seeing
Remote Assessments constant posts to this list for Aanval. The Halloween
sale was the "straw that broke the camel's back" with me.

Here is a post by you on April 10th which is a great example of what I'm
talking about. Anyway, I don't want this to turn in to a flame war so
I'll drop it. I said my piece.

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Activeworx has a few products that are free and commercial.

Free solutions:

IDS Policy Manager - Snort Rules manager that runs on Windows and will
support sensors running on Microsoft and any OS that supports SSH. Website:

Honeynet Security Console - Snort event manager that runs on Windows.
Website: http://www.activeworx.org


Activeworx Security Center - Affordable commercial Snort event manager/SIM
that can centralize Snort sensors/databases, schedule reports, correlate
against vulnerabilities and events, interactive graphs, event relationship
diagrams, plus a lot more. Website: http://www.activeworx.com



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Jeff Dell wrote:
>> If the Snort management product is completely free -- a true 
>> open source
>> product and is not sold or offered as a commercial solution, then I
>> think they should have the right to announce to this list. However,
>> products such as Aanval and ActiveWorx shouldn't (I've seen 
>> Jeff Dell do the same thing in the past).
> I would have to completely disagree with you. I have NEVER sent an email
> about our commercial software. We have however sent many emails over the
> years about our FREE product IDS Policy Manager. We have never collected a
> dime for this software and have even turned away people who wanted to donate
> money to help with development. We don't have a commercial version of the
> product and we never will. We develop this product to give back to the
> community. Heck we even offer free support... So I would love to see the
> email where you claim I am marketing a commercial product. 
> Cheers,
> Jeff
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