[Snort-users] Aanval Series 2 v2.3 Just Released

Jeff Dell jdell at ...1095...
Thu Nov 2 20:18:12 EST 2006

> If the Snort management product is completely free -- a true 
> open source
> product and is not sold or offered as a commercial solution, then I
> think they should have the right to announce to this list. However,
> products such as Aanval and ActiveWorx shouldn't (I've seen 
> Jeff Dell do the same thing in the past).

I would have to completely disagree with you. I have NEVER sent an email
about our commercial software. We have however sent many emails over the
years about our FREE product IDS Policy Manager. We have never collected a
dime for this software and have even turned away people who wanted to donate
money to help with development. We don't have a commercial version of the
product and we never will. We develop this product to give back to the
community. Heck we even offer free support... So I would love to see the
email where you claim I am marketing a commercial product. 



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