[Snort-users] Aanval Series 2 v2.3 Just Released

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Thu Nov 2 19:21:27 EST 2006

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OK I'm so sick of these Remote Assessment commercials to this list and
can't bite my tongue anymore regarding their blatant use of this list
for posting coupons and holiday specials.

Why is Remote Assessment allowed to send coupons and pricing specials
(like the Halloween special on 10/31) to this list as well as product
announcements? Where does this stop?

Yes, and before some of you throw it back to us, Applied Watch has
/mistakenly/ did a REPLY-ALL to the snort-users list in the past when
sending an email to someone but never blatantly emailed pricing specials
like we saw earlier this week and now this one from Remote Assessment.

I understand that Aanval is offered as a restricted free version, but if
the company sells it as a product, I don't see why Remote Assessment
should be allowed to announce to this list new product releases. If this
is the case, than Applied Watch and all the other Snort integrators out
there should be able to assume the same posture.

If the Snort management product is completely free -- a true open source
product and is not sold or offered as a commercial solution, then I
think they should have the right to announce to this list. However,
products such as Aanval and ActiveWorx shouldn't (I've seen Jeff Dell do
the same thing in the past).

If this is the case, Applied Watch's Dashboard is free so therefore we
should be allowed the same rights to using this list as a marketing and
sales vehicle that these other companies are. I have no interest in
posting commercials for Applied Watch to this list, so a line needs to
be drawn in the sand and I think its only fair that announcements to
this list for Snort products be limited to strictly free solutions that
have no commercial version.

There's my 2 cents.


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Administration wrote:
> All; For Immediate Release
> Aanval Series 2 v2.3 is now available for download. Full Release  
> Notes Below.
> Download: http://www.aanval.com/?op=pub_downloads
> UPGRADE: You may manually upgrade or use your consoles automatic  
> upgrade feature. See Aanval.com Documentation for details.
> --
> Aanval Series 2 Product Screenshots
> http://www.aanval.com/?op=pub_screenshotAlley
> Aanval Series 2 Product Details
> http://www.aanval.com/?op=pub_products
> Aanval Website
> http://www.aanval.com/
> --
> Series 2 v2.3 Release Details
> --
> BUILD: 20301
> * Significant Interface Upgrades
> * Memory and Performance Enhancements
> * New Version Banner when Updates are Available
> * Syslog Now Reads from Text Log Files (Syslog Source Files) in  
> Addition to idsSyslog.pl
> * Removed Insignificant Error Messages
> * Snort Management Module Display Performance Increased
> * Added Sensor Color Option (Snort & Syslog Sensor Configuration) for  
> Live Monitor Views and Event Displays
> * Syslog Post Filter SIP/DIP Translation Bug Fixed
> * AI Apache Log Error Bug Fixed
> * Major CSS Preparation & Integration
> * Removed DHTML/CSS Navigation Menu (Browser Performance / Display  
> Speed Issues)
> * Console Side SMT Updates to Improve Reliability
> * Temporarily Removed Event SIP/DIP Marking Displays
> * Email Sending Removed from Free Limited Version
> * Total Event Maximum of 10,000 has Returned for Free Limited Version
> * Various Minor Bugs Fixed
> * And more...
> Full Release Notes: http://www.aanval.com/?op=pub_releaseNotes
> --
> Visit Aanval.com's secure online purchase system to view current  
> pricing or purchase licenses now.
> https://www.aanval.com/purchase/
> --
> Support
> - Aanval support is available to all; updated pricing is available  
> online: https://www.aanval.com/purchase/
> - Remember: Free support is first come, first serve - Commercial  
> support is recommended
> - Support may be purchase at the time of need for the individual  
> issue - Call toll free: 888.569.2186 x3
> Product Information
> - Aanval Online Tour: http://www.aanval.com/tour/
> - Aanval Online Demo: http://www.aanval.com/demo/
> ? Need more licenses for a larger deployment? We have additional  
> specials and incentives. Contact us today.
> ! Financial, Educational and Government discounting is available!  
> Contact us today.
> Visit the Aanval.com website, take the tour, view the demo and see  
> how Aanval can help protect your organization.
> ---
> Aanval
> 888.569.2186 (Toll Free)
> http://www.aanval.com/
> * This email address is not intended for replies - please contact  
> sales at ...13777... or administration at ...13777...
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