[Snort-users] (Compile) undefined symbol: InitializePreprocessor

Jason Monroe monroe at ...13796...
Tue May 30 16:18:05 EDT 2006

Hi All,

I've tried to compile snort 2.6RC2 on Fedora Core 5 as well as RHEL 4 AS which are GCC 4.1.0 and 3.4.5-2 respectively. Both distros are producing the same result.

./configure --enable-dynamicplugin --prefix=/opt/snort/2.6  && make && make install 
Then with the paths modified in the snort.conf
[root at ...13833... snort-2.6.0RC2]# grep '/opt/snort' /etc/snort/snort.conf
var RULE_PATH /opt/snort/rules
dynamicpreprocessor directory /opt/snort/2.6/lib/snort_dynamicengine/
dynamicengine /opt/snort/2.6/lib/snort_dynamicengine/libsf_engine.so

running snort with -c option
/opt/snort/2.6/bin/snort -c /etc/snort/snort.conf 

| none
Rule application order: ->activation->dynamic->pass->drop->alert->log
Log directory = /var/log/snort
Loading dynamic engine /opt/snort/2.6/lib/snort_dynamicengine/libsf_engine.so... done
Loading all dynamic preprocessor libs from /opt/snort/2.6/lib/snort_dynamicengine/...
  Loading dynamic preprocessor library /opt/snort/2.6/lib/snort_dynamicengine/libsf_engine.so... ERROR: Failed to find InitializePreprocessor() function in /opt/snort/2.6/lib/snort_dynamicengine//libsf_engine.so: /opt/snort/2.6/lib/snort_dynamicengine/libsf_engine.so: undefined symbol: InitializePreprocessor
Fatal Error, Quitting..

Running nm 
nm /opt/snort/2.6/lib/snort_dynamicengine/libsf_engine.so | grep 'U '
         U calloc@@GLIBC_2.0
         U __ctype_b_loc@@GLIBC_2.3
         U __ctype_toupper_loc@@GLIBC_2.3
         U fclose@@GLIBC_2.1
         U fopen@@GLIBC_2.1
         U fprintf@@GLIBC_2.0
         U free@@GLIBC_2.0
         U fwrite@@GLIBC_2.0
         U malloc@@GLIBC_2.0
         U memcmp@@GLIBC_2.0
         U memcpy@@GLIBC_2.0
         U pcre_compile
         U pcre_exec
         U pcre_study
         U rand@@GLIBC_2.0
         U snprintf@@GLIBC_2.0
         U srand@@GLIBC_2.0
         U strcmp@@GLIBC_2.0
         U __strdup@@GLIBC_2.0
         U strncpy@@GLIBC_2.0
         U __strtol_internal@@GLIBC_2.0
         U __strtoul_internal@@GLIBC_2.0
         U time@@GLIBC_2.0

I have RPMs pcre-4.5 and pcre-devel-4.5 installed on the system 

The only thing that I could find regarding symbol version was to make possibly make use of --disable-symvers which would be given to the configure script, however, I don't think that was the correct place. 

I have:
both in /etc/ld.so.conf and re-ran /sbin/ldconfig

Perhaps I'm missing something simple that one of you folks could be so kind as to point out.

Thanks in advance,


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