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Sat May 27 04:22:05 EDT 2006

While I can agree with most of what was said here, I can see one flaw
with Sguil.  I don't run any Linux boxes with a GUI frontend, and I
don't have the resources to load one just to run Sguil.  I'm using BASE
to help fine tune Snort as it's good to help weed out false positives
and for a good running overview of what is happening in realtime.  I
combine that with Snortalog for daily overviews of my data and then use
other programs to provide email and/or pager alerts on events that I
feel are important enough to draw my immediate attention.

I guess if BASE has one fatal flaw, there's no ability to see an IP
conversation that triggered an alert.  For example, if you see an ATTACK
RESPONSE 403 FORBIDDEN alert, there's no good way to tell if it was
malicious or if some dummy just typed in the wrong URL.

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> John Newman wrote:
> > Is the consensus that BASE is the best web front-end for snort out
> > (and I mean free, open source stuff)?  What are people's experiences
> > with sguil (which I realize is not web based).
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> > thanks,
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> I think Base is probably the most popular open source front-end
> (although I don't have any data to back that up.)  It's certainly easy
> to install and use.  The problem with Base is that it gives you a
> sliding window of your events data, which tends to obscure real-time
> events from view unless they are large enough to draw attention (or
> just happen to notice them._  So, it's good for summarizing what's
> on, but not as good for real-time analysis of discrete events.
> Sguil is very difficult to install.  It requires quite a bit of
> preparation and installation of ancilliary apps to make it work.  (I'm
> trying to solve that on FreeBSD by developing ports for it that take
> care of all the dependencies.)  That's a consequence of the decision
> use tcl as the programming language, since it's not commonly installed
> on most platforms.  (It also uses some other apps which are not so
> common; sancp, p0f, tcpdump
> Once it's installed and configured (which is also a bit of work and
> requires a clear understanding of what you're doing), it provides a
> completely different, more detailed look at the data, in real time.
> It's easy to pick out events that need immediate followup and drill
> into packets to see what's really going on.
> So, I would say, Base is good for folks new to snort and especially
> to admining OSes, and sguil is good for folks who clearly understand
> what they're doing and want as much information about events as they
> get.
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