[Snort-users] Can't suppress Tagged Packet

gary douglas GM-Douglas at ...13400...
Fri May 26 06:41:16 EDT 2006

I had the same problem. I found that some rules were doing the  
tagging in the rule. They do this with the tag key word. Do a grep on  
the rules folder for tag and you will find them.

I use oinkmaster to rewrite these rules. Here is an example of the  
conf for oinkmaster that removes the tag key word from the bleeding- 

# remove tag from rules that create tagged packets in bleeding- 
modifysid bleeding-virus.rules "tag: session, 20, packets;" | ""
modifysid bleeding-virus.rules "tag: host,300,seconds,dst;" | ""
modifysid bleeding-virus.rules "tag: host,300,seconds,src;" | ""
modifysid bleeding-virus.rules "tag: session, 10, packets;" | ""
modifysid bleeding-virus.rules "tag: host,5,packets,src;" | ""

Oinkmaster also updates the rules everynight from both snort and  
bleeding edge for us. It also updates the threashold file we use to  
exculde rules. Since we are running 10 snort boxes it is a life saver.

Hope this helps.

Thank you
Gary Douglas
R&I, ResNet Administrator
University Computer Support Services
Western Illinois University

On May 26, 2006, at 6:37 AM, Dirk Geschke wrote:

> Hi Rob,
>> I'm using Net BSD 3 current and Snort 2.4.4.
>> I can't suppress the 'Tagged Packet' alert which is producing  
>> thousands of
>> false positives and swamping my database.
>> All other suppression and thresholding works fine.
>> I have the following in threshold.conf
>> # Suppress Tagged Packet
>> suppress gen_id 2, sig_id 1, track by_src, ip x.x.0.0/16
>> suppress gen_id 2, sig_id 1, track by_dst, ip x.x.0.0/16
>> gen-msg.map has the following:
>> 2 || 1 || tag: Tagged Packet
> is it possible that you use the unified output plugin?
> In this case all rebuild packets from stream4 which raise an alert
> are stored as the original individual packets. The first is associated
> with the alert message and all further parts are labeled as "Tagged
> Packet".
> So in this case it will not help to suppress it this way. I fear
> you have to tune your rules to reduce the number of alerts. (Or
> you can use another output method, AFAIK only the unified output
> plugin decomposes the rebuild packet with "Tagged Packets".)
> Best regards
> Dirk
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