[Snort-users] snort sms and snort database

huda ahmed e.huda.ahmed at ...11827...
Thu May 25 04:56:16 EDT 2006

hi >>>>>>>

i am working in senior project (i am in the last course university in
computer engneering )

the part for the project is to let the server which contain snort send
sms msg to the phone symbian 60 and this phone send sms to the gsm
network then to the administrator phone of course i have many problem with
connection with bluetooth in linux so i try to access the database for
the linux fom other pc (windows Os)
then take the information for alert and send them as i explain so i
ned your help to explain to me the database for snort and in which
table is help in this case??

please if u have some refrence to explain to me the table jobs in
snort database u will help me alot ............

i have two week only for project so please help me>>>>>>

i wait your reply.............

thanks in advance..............

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