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In the "contrib" directory of previous versions of snort (2.2.0 maybe?) there was a snort_archdb perl script that still works with the current schema.  From what I can tell, it takes care of the problem with data dependencies between the various tables.
It seems to be somewhat resource intensive.  Our 42Gb database takes an hour or two to purge.  When we originally started using it (and our DB was 350Gb), database connections would timeout before some commands would finish.
Now, if others are using something different that has shown better results ... I'd love to know. 

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Anyone out there know of any good pre-existing solutions to keeping the
event database from growing ever bigger and bigger?  I suppose some
simple sql code, e.g.

delete from snort.event where time < 'XXXXX'

or something like that....  is this what others are doing?

John Newman
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