[Snort-users] Mail Notification Fail

Michael Scheidell scheidell at ...5171...
Mon May 22 15:02:03 EDT 2006

Neither snort nor base automatically sends emails.

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> Hi everyone:
> I have installed the snort 2.4.4 and after some week 
> monitoring my network i'm try to select some alarms and send 
> the resume via email but it's 
> fail, any idea, i have configure my sendmail for send any 
> email to our 

Snort does not send email.

> corporate email server configuring the DS parameter. In the 
> base page looks 
> the email was sucesfully sended but the email never arrives 
> to the email 
> server.
Are you talking about the package 'BASE'? It doesn't automatically send
emails either.

If a different package, you need to talk to the support people of that

If a sendmail problem, look at your mail logs.

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