[Snort-users] Aanval Series 2 v2.1 Released

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Tue May 16 06:21:28 EDT 2006

All; For Immediate Release

Aanval Series 2 v2.1 is now available for download. Full Release  
Notes Below.
Download: http://www.aanval.com/?op=pub_downloads


Aanval Series 2 Product Screenshots

Aanval Series 2 Product Details

Aanval Website

Series 2 v2.1 Release Details
* New Sensor Management Tools (Ported to PHP for easier installation  
and execution)
* New SMT's should be distributed and configured manually to each  
remote sensor *
* SMT's are now located in your installations /contrib/smt/ directory *
* Added TCP flag conversions to data dropdown of event listings
* Time searching feature added to Date search option in Event Browser
* Syslog \\ slashing issue has been resolved (caused by users php.ini  
setting for magic_quotes)
* Total Events / Hour display bug resolved
* Email reports not sending bug resolved
* Wildcard searching (example: sip:1.2.3.* & sport:234*) bug resolved
* Minor cosmetic changes throughout console
* And more...

Full Release Notes: http://www.aanval.com/?op=pub_releaseNotes


- Aanval support is available to all; updated pricing is available  
online: https://www.aanval.com/purchase/
- Remember: Free support is first come, first serve - Commercial  
support is recommended
- Support may be purchase at the time of need for the individual  
issue - Call toll free: 888.569.2186 x3

Product Information
- Aanval Online Tour: http://www.aanval.com/tour/
- Aanval Online Demo: http://www.aanval.com/demo/

Visit the Aanval.com website, take the tour, view the demo and see  
how Aanval can help protect your organization.

888.569.2186 (Toll Free)

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