[Snort-users] Shared capture NIC

Gentoo-Wally gentoowally at ...11827...
Wed May 3 12:03:02 EDT 2006


Does anyone know if having a second application sharing a NIC with
snort for packet capture seriously affects dropped packet rates,
especially using Phil Wood's libpcap or pf_ring?

ex. snort 2.4 + ntop
      snort 2.4 + agrus
      snort 2.4 + tcpdump

You get the idea.

We are currently using snort 2.4 on a Linux box with Phil Wood's
libpcap with MMAP mode (might be switching to pf_ring). There is
obviously issues with over all system performance when adding a second
application, that's a given. My initial gut response is to say yes
there will dropped packet issues, but the more I read about
pf_ring/mmap the less I'm sure that my gut response is correct.

Anyone have any real world knowledge on this issue?


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