[Snort-users] FAQ submission: optimizing performance of rules with PCRE

David J. Bianco david at ...13799...
Tue May 2 12:59:01 EDT 2006

The easiest way to understand this is to know that snort processes
the rule keywords in the order they are given and stops processing
as soon as one of the matches fails.  Also know that the PCRE engine
is usually slower than the "content" match engine.

By putting a simple "content" match before the PCRE, you save CPU
cycles.  Without it, you'd be using the slower engine on every
packet the rule processes.  With "content", you use the fast engine
and can throw away packets that don't have a hope of matching the
regular expression anyway.  Then you only pay the big performance
penalty on (hopefully) a small percentage of the total traffic.

You can see an example of this in my "EZ Snort Rules" presentation
(http://www.vorant.com/files/EZ_Snort_Rules.pdf) if it helps
make things more clear.


James Affeld wrote:
> "How can I get the best performance with rules that
> include PCRE content checks?"
> I understand from Nigel on the VRT and Matt Jonkman
> that putting in a content: check ahead of the PCRE:
> helps performance even if the content check doesn't
> otherwise do anything the pcre doesn't handle. 
> Something about the content check forcing the program
> exectution to the optimal pattern patch code, which
> won't happen without "bare" pcre.  
> In other words, a rule like 
> alert tcp $EXTERNAL_NET any -> any any (msg:"Faster
> PCRE rule"; content: "content checked"; nocase; pcre:
> "/content checked/i";)
> will perform better than
> alert tcp $EXTERNAL_NET any -> any any (msg:"Slower
> PCRE rule"; pcre: "/content NOT checked/i";)
> because the redundant content: check causes the more
> efficient pattern matching code to be invoked.  
> Disclaimer: I'm pretty confident I understand what to
> do, but the explanation for why it works this way is
> all 2nd hand and filtered through my imperfect brain. 
> Disclaimer 2: I should not be credited - merely
> echoing the lore of others.
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