[Snort-users] (2.4.4 and Ubuntu on 2.6.12) Odd install from source

Rob Munsch rmunsch at ...13744...
Thu Mar 30 09:21:04 EST 2006

'allo list,

I've had an odd problem installing 2.4.4 from source.  conf/make/make 
install goes smoothly, but only the binary itself - and the man page - 
actually 'go anywhere.'

I'm not sure if this is deliberate, but i've poked around the docs, 
checked the faq, and burned black candles at midnight - no success.  
Nothing goes to my /etc; no conf, nothing in init.d, nada.  Not the 
snort.conf itself nor any of the secondary conf files, nor is a rules 
dir created, nor /var/log/snort, etc.

The docs seem to assume these things'll be in place when you run, but 
there's no explicit manifesto of needed files.  I went and manually 
moved stuff around, created the dirs and files needed, etc., but i was 
sort of wondering about the whole thing.

Ubuntu seems to want to apt me 2.3.2, and it looks like there's a slew 
of bugfixes and whatnot in the 2.4 branch, so i'd rather go with latest 
stable source.  Is there a reason the various config files, and assorted 
log/conf/rules directories, aren't created at install?  There doesn't 
seem to be any reference to them in the makefile, tho my understanding 
there is limited.

Praying fervently not to have caused a drink or three,

Rob Munsch
Solutions For Progress IT

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