[Snort-users] Tuning sfPortscan

Rob Ward rob.ward at ...11329...
Mon Mar 13 04:02:01 EST 2006

Hi, one of my sensors is generating a lot of noise from sfPortscan. The 
alerts are generated correctly (the sensor is monitoring our residential 
network) mostly by p2p traffic. The problem I have is they're filling my 
database and causing a performance issue.

What I'd like to do, rather than disable the preprocessor, is see only 
alerts for scans to hosts on our network. I've added our address range as 
'watch_ip' but what I'd like to do is use the equivalent of EXTERNAL_NET 
from snort.conf for 'ignore_scanned'. Unless I've missed something there 
isn't an equivalent for sfPortscan?

Rob Ward
University of Liverpool
Computing Services Department

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