[Snort-users] Solved Can snort send alerts to the mysql database without writing an output file?

Dirk Geschke Dirk_Geschke at ...1344...
Fri Mar 10 00:58:03 EST 2006

Hi Raymond,

> Solution that works:
>     /usr/local/bin/snort -Dq -de -o  -c /usr/local/etc/snort/snort.conf =
> -i mi0 -u user -g group
>     sleep 2
>     rm /var/log/snort/alert

this solution will not work. If snort opens the alert file and populates
it you can not remove it as long as one process has opened the file.
The rm command will remove the directory entry but the file system 
will get filled up until snort is stopped.

Once more:

  + There are two output facilities: "alert" and "log". 

  + The database output plugin can be attached to one of it, that is the
    first thing after output database:

      output database: log, ...
      output database: alert, ...

  + If you use "alert" then you should also use "-K none" or "-N".

  + If you use "log" then you should also use "-A none".

  + If a database output plugin for "alert" is activated, then no 
    alert files should be written. But you will get log files aka
    pcap files. The option "-K none" or "-N" do avoid this.

  + If a database output plugin for "log" is used, then an alert
    file is generated and all alerts are written to it but no log
    files are created. In this case you should use "-A none" and
    snort will only call log functions.

Activating an output plugin will disable the writing of the files
for this facility. But since you are usually only activating an 
output plugin for one facility, either "alert" or "log", you will
still get the files for the other one. Therfore exist two option,
(these overwrite configuration file settings):

 + "-K none" or "-N" --> no "log" files

 + "-A none" --> no "alert" files

A final note: 

  + preprocessors usually call only alert functions.

  + The "tag" keyword will call only log functions for the tagged
    packets. (Do not confuse "Tagged Packets" with the splitted 
    reassembled TCP streams of the unified output plugin.)

So with the normal database output plugin you will loose some informations
or you have to create to output plugins, one for "log" and one for "alert".

But then you will get most alets twice, they are sent to the "log" and 
"alert" facility.

Of course you can use FLoP, this will log each alert only one time if you

Best regards


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