[Snort-users] Trying to figure something if the following makes sense or stupid

Turnquist,Wayne WayneTurnquist at ...12076...
Fri Mar 3 12:36:02 EST 2006

I'm located in one hospital of many hospitals in the organization which
corp has firewall for our internet connection where there is a router
here that links us up.

I have the Ethernet port of this router in a hub where I have a second
router also connected to this hub.  On this second router, the other
Ethernet is connected to a cat4006 which I span the traffic to another
hub (lets call it hub2). It is here that I have my snort and other tools
running.  Snort logs to a server that has base and snare installed and
to the windows event manager where snare sends email alerts on certain
types of alerts from snort.  At this point I have snort fine tune with
very little false positives.

On router two, I'm using cisco acl's to control what can come in and
what can go out through this router. I have the router configured where
it logs all denies to a kiwislog server.  Most of the time the logging
is quite on the incoming side of the router but there has beend a few
cases it has been hit.  Case in point, one of the Symantec servers in
corp decided it wanted to scan our network.  I noticed this one night
when I needed to tweak the acl's when I did a show log.

Would it be possible and any pointers, where I could have the kiwi
syslog send alerts to base so these events could possible be correlated
to snort alerts and be investiaged/searchable in the same system.

Just wondering


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