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Daniel Cid danielcid at ...6873...
Wed Jun 14 23:29:10 EDT 2006

In addition to using swatch, you can try ossec to
generate e-mails/active responses based on your snort
logs. It is much more powerful then swatch (or
guardian) because it allows you to alert based on:

-Single IDS events.
-Mutliple IDS events for same source ip in a specific
-Multiple IDS events for same snort ID in a specific
-Only for the first time a Snort ID is seen.
-Only for the first time a Snort ID/IP combo
is seen.
-Only on specific categories.
-Only on specific priorities (or any other option
you want).
-You can ignore specific IPs/Snort IDS.
-You can specify maximum number of alerts per hour,
and if this number is reached, it will send all the
alerts in just one e-mail.
-You can ignore automatically rules that alert too

Oh, ossec also analyzes a lot of other log formats,
being easy to integrate with other applications.

*Don't take my word for it, because I'm an ossec
developer, but you should give it a try. Installation
is pretty easy too.

Last version:



Daniel B. Cid
dcid @ ( at ) ossec.net

--- Denis Morejon Lopez <denis at ...13847...>

> I was trying to install the swatch rpm to parse the
> snort logs and send it 
> as email alerts. But I fell into a loop because two
> rpm packages depended 
> each other.
> What should I do in this case?
> Regards
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