[Snort-users] Snort not seeing everything

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Wed Jun 14 09:47:23 EDT 2006

Our office resently moved to a new location and now my snort not seeing
everything so it must be something I didnt setup right.

They way I have it setup is right off of the pix inside cable its going to a
passive tap that i build from the docs on snorts site from there its going
to the networks switch.  From that we have a few servers plugged in and
another switch where a few more servers are and the lastly another switch
where the workstations are plugged into.

                             |            |
                           IDS     switch2

The above drawing is how the network is setup based on funds;  Based on the
drawing if a workstation on switch3 goes to www.google.com should I see that
traffic because I have a TAP in the inside wire of the pix which is the last
route to the internet?

Hmm, im thinking should I change the above network to look like this?

                             |          |
                           IDS   switch2

Thank you for help in advance.
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