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Mon Jun 5 09:53:35 EDT 2006

On Jun 01, 2006, at 14:22, John Hally wrote:

> I run both BASE and commercial Aanval.  Aanval is a very good  
> console for
> the price($99/sensor) and has much more reporting features and such.
> I agree w/the observations of sguil that it can be a pain to install.
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> Is the consensus that BASE is the best web front-end for snort out  
> there
> (and I mean free, open source stuff)?  What are people's experiences
> with sguil (which I realize is not web based).
> thanks,
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> John Newman
> Systems Administrator, WebXess Inc.

I was inspired by John's e-mail to try Aanval and I'm positively  
Compared to the BASE Aanval has very good reporting features in which
are generaly managers interested in :). I use single sensor free  
version of
Aanval, but I see it also very competitive for $99/sensor price  
compared to
large scale deployment products like those from IBM e.g. .

Cheers, M.

Martin Vrabel <http://www.scitech.sk>
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